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Episode 25 - Exposing medical weight bias with Ragen Chastain

February 08, 2022 No Period Now What & Beyond Body Image Season 2 Episode 25
The All In Podcast
Episode 25 - Exposing medical weight bias with Ragen Chastain
Show Notes

In this episode, Nicola and Florence meet Ragen Chastain. Ragen is a HAES Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Marathoner, ACE Certified Health Coach and Functional Fitness Specialist, in Training to be an Iron-Distance Triathlete, Activist, and the brains behind The WeightAndHealthcare Newsletter on Substack.

Ragen starts by telling us about her story with dieting, overexercising, and losing her periods. Having a research and statistics masters, Ragen researched the internet for the best way to lose weight. She was shocked to realise there was not a single study documenting valuable evidence as to weight loss being somehow effective or sustainable.

From there, she started looking into links between body weight and health, and became a well-regarded expert on Health at Every Size (HAES), especially in medical circles.

During this interview, Ragen exposes how to detect and address weight bias in the doctor’s office; what to answer when others comment on your food or body as they are working on recovery and how to tackle internalised fatphobia in each of us while making the world more inclusive.

In this episode, Ragen mentions books on understanding the racist roots of the BMI:
Sabrina Strings, Fearing the black body available here
De'shaun Harrison, The belly of the beast available here

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