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Episode 27 - Monitoring your menstrual cycles

March 08, 2022 No Period Now What & Beyond Body Image Season 2 Episode 27
The All In Podcast
Episode 27 - Monitoring your menstrual cycles
Show Notes

In this episode, Florence and Nicola discuss:

-          Menstrual cycle is a window into women’s health – ovulation as the main event

-          How to track your cycles after recovery: CM, BBT, Cervix position (Chapter 18)

-          Progression of CM throughout your cycle

-          What follicular waves mean in recovery or after

-          The perfect 28 day cycle myth

-          Challenges of cycling after recovery

-          How long until you can feel more at peace with your cycle coming back every month


Taking charge of your fertility, by Tony Weschler

Sex plus by Laci Green

Fertility Friend app
Kindara app

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