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Episode 28 - Amenorrhea and heart health

March 22, 2022 No Period Now What & Beyond Body Image
The All In Podcast
Episode 28 - Amenorrhea and heart health
Show Notes

In this episode, Nicola speaks with Dr. Chrisandra Shufelt to discuss:

How Dr. Shulfelt came to be interested in amenorrhea and heart health. Ways in which it's reasonable to make comparisons between people who are post-menopausal versus amenorrheic. Low estrogen affects the stretchiness of blood vessels, changes in cholesterol, and can be associated with insulin resistance.

Dr. Shufelt's next study is looking at which factor underlying amenorrhea might have the biggest effects on heart health. She tells us about some of the results from the study she and colleagues just completed.

We discuss risk factors for heart disease, traditional and "non-traditional" (i.e. things that mostly affect women).  The impact of cholesterol, and how quickly changes in cholesterol and bone health are seen. 

Dr. Shufelt tells us about her recently completed study of vascular function in people with amenorrhea versus menopause versus normal menstrual cycles and shares some of the results, including some interesting notes on inflammatory factors.

We chat about hormone replacement versus birth control pills  and which is preferable and when, what the effects of the placebo week might be...

Factors that biological females should be aware of with regards to heart attacks, risk factors, and conversations with your doctors around your personal risk.

Dr. Shulfelt is active on twitter, find her @cshufeltmd
For information about the heart study,, 310-423-9666

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