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Episode 7 - Resilience and Feminism in recovery with Shanta Gyanchand

February 23, 2021 No Period Now What & Beyond Body Image Season 1 Episode 7
The All In Podcast
Episode 7 - Resilience and Feminism in recovery with Shanta Gyanchand
Show Notes

Trigger Warning! This episode contains mention of weight stigma and calories, which could be difficult to listen to if you are in the midst of recovery.

In this episode, Nico and Florence chat with Shanta Gyanchand, one of the No Period, Now What support group admins, who is also a psycho-sexual therapist, about her own recovery story and fertility journey, spanning over many years and continents. 

With Shanta we spoke about how people identifying as females experience the pressure to be perfect, and to always say yes, but also to cater to the male gaze.

Shanta also mentioned the Minnesota Starvation Experiment, and that our brain requires 30% of our total energy expenditure.
Nicola explained that low AMH in itself doesn't indicate low fertility (more on this here).

Shanta shared that to help her recover, she needed to face the fear of weight gain. She did so by getting professional help that truly understood ED behaviors, starting a self-care routine, considering new morning rituals to replace exercising and work with self-affirming questions, not self-affirmations. Shanta revealed that her biggest take away from HA recovery was to never restrict herself in any way, but also to become a better advocate for gender equality, and a better feminist.

If you are looking for anti-diet, fat-positive therapists for ED recovery, please look into
Association for Size Diversity and Health
National ED Association (US)
The Butterfly Foundation (Australia)
The Middle East Eating Disorder Association

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