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Episode 9 - Debunking 10 HA and fertility myths

March 23, 2021 No Period Now What & Beyond Body Image Season 1 Episode 9
The All In Podcast
Episode 9 - Debunking 10 HA and fertility myths
Show Notes

In this episode, Nicola and Florence debunk a series of myths around HA recovery and fertility.

Myth 1 - You have permanently damaged your ovaries

FALSE! More on this in Episode 2 (HA Basics) and Episode 7 (Shanta's recovery story)

Myth 2 - Only 2 pc of HA patients CAN actually recover

Big fat no! Learn what No Period Now What? research shows for recovery rate! 

Myth 3 - If you want to get pregnant, you will have to use fertility treatments

FALSE! Work on recovery and there is a high chance of natural pregnancy. More in NPNW Chapter on Getting Pregnant.

Myth 4 - No point to go all in if you are going to do fertility treatments anyway 

FALSE! There is ALWAYS a point to going all in :)

More in Expecting better a book with  literature review on undergaining vs overgaining during pregnancy.

Myth 5 - You need to “thicken your lining” before fertility treatments

MYTH! More on this in Episode 2

Myth 6 - Provera or BCP will jumpstart your cycles

MYTH!  More on this at and

Myth 7 - Low AMH means you are going to have trouble getting pregnant

Learn more about this in the section in NPNW on diminished ovarian reserve.

Myth 8 - High AMH means you have PCOS

Nuanced. It can be associated but it is NOT part of the diagnostic criteria. More on this via and Episode 5

Myth 9 - Clomid and Femara won’t work bc you have HA

Nuanced. Won't work with full-on HA, but can work after work on recovery. More on this in the book, chapter on Oral Meds.

Myth 10 - if you don’t respond to stimulations within X days, fertility treatments (with injections) will not work

Nuanced.  Work closely with your RE on this, and learn more in NPNW Chapter on Injectables.

Untamed, by Glennon Doyle

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