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Episode 15 - Hormonal Health with Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr Alyse Goldberg

June 15, 2021 No Period Now What & Beyond Body Image Season 1 Episode 15
The All In Podcast
Episode 15 - Hormonal Health with Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr Alyse Goldberg
Show Notes

For the last episode of Season 1, Nicola and Florence welcome Dr Alyse Goldberg, whose endocrinology practice focuses on managing hormonal conditions in reproductive age women, many of who are attempting to conceive. Together, they discussed
- How common is HA compared to PCOS, and why misdiagnoses happen
- Dr Goldberg's recommendations for patients she diagnoses with HA
- How often amenorrhea is in fact a symptom of Premature Ovarian Insuffiency (POI) and not HA and whether having FSH close to 20 is a sign of POI
- Whether there is a link between HA and elevated liver enzymes, or HA with Thyroid conditions like Hashimoto's disease
- Whether "hormone balancing" diets actually work
We also mention the story of young elite runnner Mary Cain in this episode. Find more about it here:

Please watch out for a little bonus note from both Nicola and Florence at the end of this episode! Thanks so much to all of our listeners (and editor Steven Worlow) for supporting us during Season 1 and we are very much looking forward to publishing Season 2 in the fall of 2021! Take care!

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