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Episode 17 - What's really in the book "No Period, Now What?"

October 19, 2021 No Period Now What & Beyond Body Image Season 2 Episode 17
The All In Podcast
Episode 17 - What's really in the book "No Period, Now What?"
Show Notes

In this episode, Florence and Nicola go over Nicola's book "No Period, Now What?"
- How the book came about: where did the idea come from, what surveys were collected, who are the co-authors, designers, editors, etc
- How long did the processing, researching, writing and editing take
- How is the book structured and what each part covers
- What you wouldn't think is in there
- The book re-edit in 2019, and what the future holds in terms of translations

Nicola also announces a brand new support group is now live, and offering:
- More freedom to post (still within group guidelines!)
- More personalized support from Nicola
- Lots of specialized spaces (e.g. understanding HA, regaining cycles while breastfeeding, primary HA, type 1 diabetes and HA, life after recovery, getting pregnant, pregnancy) all available in one place.
- More support from recovery guides/mentors
- New research - bone density, supplements, uterine lining, effects of alcohol on recovery
- Coming soon - easily find people located near you
- Coming soon - weekly live Q&A with HA recovery experts

There is a small monthly charge for the group (you select your level of support). If you would like to check it out, use discount code NPNW_NEW for 50% off for the first month.
Find the new support group at

To find support in your HA recovery:
Get the "No Period. Now What?" book at
To make an appointment with Dr Rinaldi and get individual support to get your period back or improve your fertility, please go to
To make an appointment with Florence Gillet and get help with the body and mind changes happening in recovery please visit

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