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Episode 18 - Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport with Dr. Kate Ackerman

November 02, 2021 No Period Now What & Beyond Body Image Season 2 Episode 18
The All In Podcast
Episode 18 - Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport with Dr. Kate Ackerman
Show Notes

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In this episode, Florence and Nicola talk with Dr. Kate Ackerman, physician at the female athlete program at Boston Children's Hospital. They chat about:

Dr. Ackerman’s story and how she became interested in working with female athletesDr. Ackerman’s period history
Definition of an “athlete”
History of female athlete triad
All about REDS - symptoms, performance consequences, ways to diagnose REDS in those without a uterus
Female athlete team at Boston Children’s - including the mental side of recovery
Difference between hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills in bone density
Bone density and oral contraceptives versus transdermal estrogen therapy
Increased urinary incontinence (Nico’s blog post at
Wu/Tsai human performance alliance
Improving REDS screening tool to help people recognize issues

Find Dr. Ackerman at:
Childrens female athlete program
Twitter @drkateackerman

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