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Episode 20 - Researching Body Satisfaction with Dr Caterina Gentili

November 30, 2021 No Period Now What & Beyond Body Image Season 2 Episode 20
The All In Podcast
Episode 20 - Researching Body Satisfaction with Dr Caterina Gentili
Show Notes

In this episode, Nicola and Florence receive Dr Cati Gentili, a Research Fellow working at the Centre for Appearance Research (CAR), based at the University of the West of England in Bristol. Over the years, Dr. Gentili's research has focused on restrained eating and body image concerns, positive body image (in particular body functionality appreciation), exercise motivations and habits and how they relate to body image, as well as on the impact of oncological hormonal treatments and gender norms on body image. Dr. Gentili is very passionate about the social justice angle on body image research and strongly believes that body dissatisfaction should be approached as a public health concern. 

Together, they discussed:

1/ What is the Centre for appearance research?

2/ What is appearance? Is it the same as body image? 

3/ Is there research about the impact of body hate on health?

4/ Is research supporting dieting or exercising as a way to improve how we feel about our bodies?

5/ Are there ways for listeners to improve body satisfaction even though they are going through recovery, eating more, exercising less, probably seeing their bodies change?

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