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Episode 21 - Catching up with professional runner Mary Cain

December 14, 2021 No Period Now What & Beyond Body Image Season 2 Episode 21
The All In Podcast
Episode 21 - Catching up with professional runner Mary Cain
Show Notes

In this episode, Nicola and Florence meet Mary Cain, professional runner and founder of the nonprofit running team, Atalanta NYC. Atalanta NYC employs professional female runners to serve as mentors for young girls while building both their career skills and training full-time. Along with focusing on her training, Mary works at Tracksmith, as the NYC Community Manager, New York Road Runners.

After sharing the story of why she quit running with the Nike team with the world in a 2019 NY Times Op-Ed, Mary has dedicated herself to driving change in the sport, with an emphasis on athlete well-being and gender equity. Atalanta NYC is just one way she's trying to give back to the sport of running.

Mary describes her history of mental and physical abuse as one of Nike's professional runners, what she did to recover from amenorrhea and get regular cycles again, and what she learned along the way about herself and running professionally. On the flip side -  what she wishes to change in the running world, through her non profit Atalanta NYC.

Find Mary Cain via @runmarycain @atalantany or

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