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Episode 23 - Facing the fear with ED recovery Coach Tabitha Farrar

January 11, 2022 No Period Now What & Beyond Body Image Season 2 Episode 23
The All In Podcast
Episode 23 - Facing the fear with ED recovery Coach Tabitha Farrar
Show Notes

In this episode, Nicola and Florence meet with ED recovery coach and author Tabitha Farrar.  Together they talk about: 
- Tabitha's story of anorexia and her recovery, but also what happened to her menstrual cycles as she came out of energy deficit.
- Tabitha's unique views on anorexia as an evolved response to famine, and all the habitual behaviours (OCD-ED) drawn by the lack of available energy, and typically experienced by ED patients
- Why nutritional rehabilitation has to be accompanied by reducing exercise in order to sustainably recover, and why bingeing is a natural response in recovery
- The crucial role of brain rewiring and how to truly tackle the fear of weight gain to recover once and for all

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